May 30, 2020
The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy
Posted by Nick Bantock

With than two million copies in print, Nick Bantock s trilogy of romantic intrigue is now available as a set, beautifully packaged in an illustrated slipcase created by the author A lovely gift for those new to the saga of the mysterious lovers, this distinctive collection also makes an enduring keepsake for devoted fans.

  • Title: The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy
  • Author: Nick Bantock
  • ISBN: 9780811806961
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
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    The Griffin Sabine Trilogy With than two million copies in print Nick Bantock s trilogy of romantic intrigue is now available as a set beautifully packaged in an illustrated slipcase created by the author A lovely gift for th


    This one-of-a-kind trilogy has been waiting for me on my book shelf, moving from one apartment to the next. How could I have waited so long to read this. It's an amazing concept, so beautifully and cleverly done.


    These books formed a very large portion of my childhood. My mom used to read them to me, at a maddeningly slow pace. Each night when I was heading to bed she'd come into my room and we'd painstakingly remove a letter from its envelope. We'd spend nearly as much time looking over the drawings, the postcards, just the gorgeous artwork of each piece. Then the letter would be read. It was a magical experience, and one I ended up repeating on my own when I was old enough. I spend just as much time ex [...]

    Nikki Stafford

    I don't even know how to describe these books. It's probably the most unique reading experience you'll ever have, with a story so elusive and yet tangible it defies description. Sabine is a woman in the South Pacific who sends a postcard to Griffin asking for some of his artwork, but he has no idea who she is. Then she reveals a shocking connection the two of them have, and through their letters that span the rest of the book and the two sequels that follow, they fall in love, but keep missing e [...]


    A series of epistolary novels containing the correspondence between Sabine living on an south seas island and Griffin in England. They are both artists and the letters and postcards contain the most exquisite art work, from the gorgeous, and realistic to the macabre and surrealistic. A long distance love grows passionately between these two but they seem doomed to never meet in person. There are elements of supernatural and it seems they are living in parallel worlds. It is a great pleasure to r [...]

    SandyFrom Nj

    These books have beautiful eclectic illustrations. This love story is told within their postcards and letters. It was fun to open and read someone else's correspondence.


    I've been meaning to read these for years. I was very glad I had all three books on hand, since the first two each end on such abrupt cliffhangers.I loved the premise of taking an epistolary novel to the next level -- the sense of discovery as you match the postcard images to their text, and take each letter out of its envelope, is quite delightful. The illustrations are, of course, phenomenal. I also loved the premise of the story, the journey the author takes us on, and the poetic allusions an [...]


    This book is written in a very unique way. There are letters and postcards in these three books and it makes you feel as if you are secretly reading another person's letters. Throughout the whole trilogy I was hoping Griffin and Sabine would finally meet and complete each others lives, but there is a twist. Neither of them can be with each other and nobody really knows why. In the end, I think they seem to find a way to be with each other. If that is true it's probably because their affection fo [...]


    My review echoes so many others; Haunting, compellingly told, achingly romantic, and beautifully illustrated. BUT. There aren't many readers who will put up with so much unresolved - everything. When so much is left unexplained, the reader finds herself feeling like she's been taken for a ride. Manipulated and left hanging out to dry. It's hard not to be frustrated at the end of this.I'm a big fan of lovers from parallel universes; two of my favorite movies ever; "Somewhere In Time" and "Lady Ha [...]


    I was a bit disappointed by these, to be honest; I'd been wanting to read them for years, but they didn't match up with my expectations. Very short, though; I read all three in less than five hours, and got more caught up in things as it went on. They are fun, and I hope to pass them on to someone who will enjoy them as much as, or hopefully more than, I did. They seem like something that ought to be shared.

    Noel Brady

    Achingly romantic. I am utterly mesmerized every time I read this even after so many years.

    Muhammad Ahmed Siddiqui

    a very different book. brilliant artistic experience the climax leaves you unsettled

    Kim Pocock

    4.5 ⭐️s


    I intended to review each book individually, but I found that neither the second or third book had enough going on to merit separate reviews, so I decided to just review the entire trilogy. My original review for the first book will follow. I'm glad I experienced Griffin and Sabine - it earns a full three stars for that alone. I'm also glad I paid $6 for the opportunity rather than $30+ (especially considering the roughly 60-90 minute read time between all three books). It's a cute little love s [...]


    This was my second reading, the first time being over 10 years ago. I loved the concept of reading a book through letters, postcards, and artwork. Some of the letters were real that you would pull out of an envelope and the postcards were just represented on the page. The artwork was beautiful but somewhat dark reminiscent of Dali. The story left me with a lot of questions. Was Sabine (the mysterious woman who lived on an island in the South Pacific and could see Griffin's art telepathically) re [...]

    Jane Miller

    A different style of book that I enjoyed reading. It is a love story told entirely through letters and postcards sent between two people who have not yet met. It is necessary to suspend belief to appreciate the story line.

    Candice Baxter

    I read the first book in the US. It inspired me so much, I found the other two at a bookstore in Paris and carried them around in my backpack as I travelled Europe for a summer. Wonderful to have the beautiful art and story on my journey.


    This is a very creative concept, beautifully put together, artistic. The relationship between the characters is philosophical and ethereal. These have been my favorites for a long while.


    It has been many years since I read these books for the first time. I still love the concept, the art and the storytelling. So creative!


    I loved this trilogy. I loved discussing all the angles with other readers


    this is reread (found read date in diary)


    I reread Griffin and Sabine and loved it as much as I did when I read it over 30 years ago!!!! The artwork is lovely as is the story.


    pop up books for grown ups - so delightful

    Primo Flores

    So, my wife went on Holiday overseas, I felt lonely, and purchased a couple of books to keep my mind busy, I bought the first book of the trilogy because I like sending/recieving postcards, I'm one of those dudes that still uses the postal service, I actually send postcards to my mom periodically, it feels very personal to write stuff instead of just talking about it or video conferencing, it has more meaning and lately I even let my kid scribble stuff on them giving it an extra special touch. A [...]


    Three and a half to four stars. The artwork pushes my rating up by at least a star. Bantock had me at "pop-up book of fake letters," and the illustrations are lovely. The plotline is bit thin, which is less annoying if you think of this trilogy as simply a chance to spy on other people's correspondence, but is undeniably frustrating if you are hoping for answers to all the questions raised in the first volume. What's perhaps the most unsatisfying is that this story builds over three books and th [...]


    It's like pulling teeth to get me to read a mystery . . . and I always love them when they're done, but it's that during part, the quickening heart beat, the curiosity just dangling in front of me, that really makes me cringe at the thought of even picking one up. But this book held a special sort of curious place in my mind; I'd been forbidden to read it since I was a child, in fear it would get ruined because you actually get to pull letters out of envelopes and unfold them to read what appear [...]


    Oh my goodness. There's nothing, nothing like sitting down to experience these books for the first time. Griffin is an isolated artist, designing his own post cards, moving through his life in London with little joy or interest. His real life comes out in his cards which are strange, and totemic, and scary. Sabine is a mystery. Found on an island (that refuses to be mapped) by a zoologist, she's brought into the family and eventually becomes her father's illustrator. One day, while half-dreaming [...]


    The entire 3 book series of the Griffin and Sabine saga can now be purchased as a boxed set--and this has to be the most unique set of books I've read. It is magical realism combined with the art of collage in a totally unique way. Nick Bantock is an artist, so the illustrations are amazing. The books contain envelopes with mysterious letters inside that must be opened to figure out the puzzle of this strange, enchanting love story. The books must be read in order--GRIFFIN AND SABINE, SABINE'S N [...]

    Ann Marie

    3.5 stars These books are not for those who can't tolerate ambiguity, but the visuals and interactive nature of the books compensate those who can appreciate the artwork. The books are about artists Griffin Moss and Sabine Strohem. He lives in London and makes postcards. He receives a cryptic postcard from the mysterious Sabine, and a correspondence begins. Included in the books are envelopes containing letters they write to each other. But -- is Sabine real or the product of the Griffin's imagi [...]


    It's not often that in this day and age a book can transport you out of your everyday world. Griffin and Sabine is literary teleportation.A really beautiful art book, and a unique and tangible way of showing narrative. The books themselves are the postcards and letters between the characters. Actually opening an envelope stuck to a page and reading the letter gives this story a real intensity. I got the feeling that I was really eavesdropping onto these conversations.The artwork is interesting, [...]


    When I first read Griffin and Sabine in high school, I can remember thinking that it was magical and mysterious. But while this trilogy is certainly unique and visually captivating, a premise with great potential rather fizzles toward cliche and a disappointingly simplistic conclusion. Perhaps there is not room for vast plot development in a book that comprises entirely of post cards and letters, but there are suggestions of directions that seem intriguing - multiple universes, supernatural hunt [...]

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