May 30, 2020
Sealed with a Christmas Kiss
Posted by Rachael Lucas

Kate has taken to life on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor like a seal to water she s given a new lease of life to the Laird s estate in her day job she s befriended the once nosy locals and even young Laird Roddy is not quite so grumpy these days.Better still, Kate has just had her best idea yet they ll turn the castle into the most gorgeous wedding venue in ScKate has taken to life on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor like a seal to water she s given a new lease of life to the Laird s estate in her day job she s befriended the once nosy locals and even young Laird Roddy is not quite so grumpy these days.Better still, Kate has just had her best idea yet they ll turn the castle into the most gorgeous wedding venue in Scotland The pressure s on as the first wedding is booked in for Christmas Eve just weeks away But with a mismatched bride and groom, a hysterical PR on her case, her own relationship woes and a huge storm blowing in, can Kate pull it off in time Escape the stresses of the Christmas season with this warm, funny and truly inspiring novella from bestselling author Rachael Lucas

  • Title: Sealed with a Christmas Kiss
  • Author: Rachael Lucas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    Sealed with a Christmas Kiss Kate has taken to life on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor like a seal to water she s given a new lease of life to the Laird s estate in her day job she s befriended the once nosy locals and ev


    - English paperback - I have dyslexia -Great Christmas read I loved it. Gave me infront of the fireplace a good feeling.

    Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess

    5 Words: Christmas, love, bridezilla, wedding, proposal.This was a sweet little read that I really enjoyed.When I started this, I didn't know it was a follow-on book. If you look at the GR page it looks for all the world like a stand-alone. What's the series even called? Not that it matters, because it was pretty sweet on its own. It can definitely be read as a standalone.I liked the relationships and the turmoil and I loved that ending. And I loved how Kate went completely bridezilla.

    Claire Robinson

    4 - "You only get one life," "Don't bottle it now." Stars!More Roddy and Kate and the rest of the gang from the Isle of Auchenomor! I loved Rachael Lucas's first book, set on this remote Scottish island Sealed with a Kiss, so when I saw Sealed with a Christmas Kiss pop up on Netgalley, I had absolutely no reservations in requesting it.Duntarvie House, it's inhabitants and the rest of the townsfolk return for a festive novella, of the wedded kind, and I loved every second of it. Kate and Roddy a [...]


    Loved this.A MUST read Sealed With A Kiss and this Sealed With A Christmas Kiss. Love Scotland. Love Roddy in a kilt even more ❤️This makes you feel all warm and cosy. ❤️


    A lovely book that follows Kate and Roddy on the island of Auchenmore in Scotland. She's enjoying working and living there.When they decide that the castle would make a great wedding venue- they are in a rush to organise the perfect wedding for the first couple. But when they come to look round it's apparent that not all is well and they are left with frantically trying to find another coupe to have a Christmas wedding there.Things are very tense and will this prove to be impossible to pull off. [...]


    Originally reviewed for Bookaholic ConfessionsIf you’re familiar with the happenings in Sealed With a Kiss then you will already have been introduced to Kate and Roddy. Now most definitely a couple, the pair are living on the beautiful island of Auchenmor in Duntarvie House together. However, Kate has just had the perfect idea for bringing money and visitors to Auchenmor…to transform Duntarvie House into a wedding venue. Thinking it’ll make the perfect back drop for couples to tie the knot [...]

    Laurie Carlson

    This book was one of the best novellas that I’ve read so far because it told a complete story from start to finish without feeling like there were any holes in the story. Many novellas don’t quite seem to tell a complete story, or they are rushed through and you are left feeling that it had a lot of holes in it, but not with this 88 page novella. I did not feel like this story was rushed or missing a thing to it. This novella started out with a wedding theme, the author stuck to the theme, a [...]

    Arielle Deltoro

    Review originally posted on my blog LivingLifeWithJoySealed with a Christmas Kiss is a quick novella that will warm your heart and make you want to get married in a castle on an island, or at the very least take a vacation and visit one!The story is about a woman named Kate that lives on a remote Scottish island and is helping renovate a castle to use as a gorgeous wedding venue. It’s a bit run down and needs quite a bit of a face-lift but they’ve got time… until they don’t! It’s a swe [...]


    If you have already read SEALED WITH A KISS, this would be a wonderful holiday addition to your collection. "You've got a brand new wedding venue, darling, and I'm launching a brand new wedding websitewe're a perfect match!"SEALED WITH A CHRISTMAS KISS by Rachael Lucas is a short, sweet romantic story set at Christmastime. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that this was a follow-up story to SEALED WITH A KISS until I was part way into it. In hindsight, I wish I'd read the previous book first, as I [...]


    Earlier this year I was fortunate to be given a copy of Rachael’s novel Sealed With A Kiss – find my review here. I fell in love with the location and the characters and when I saw this Christmas novella was due to be released I was over the moon to be approved for a review copy on NetGalley so thank you to Pan for that!The story takes us back to Duntarvie House and back to Kate and Roddy. The house and island are both going from strength to strength in terms of tourists and in an attempt to [...]

    Suze Lavender

    Kate has moved in with Roddy and is getting used to being the lady of the manor. Roddy and Kate have big plans for their home and the tourism on the island of Auchenmor. Christmas is near and they're trying to organize a big wedding which will involve a lot of publicity. When the bride and groom to be are visiting the island to finalize most of the plans something goes very wrong. Will Kate and Roddy be able to solve the problem or is their first wedding going to be a disaster?It was wonderful t [...]


    I was really keen to read this book but then I started reading it and I was let down.I just found this very hard to read and I couldn't finish it. Sad that a book I had for some reason high hopes/ expectations but wasn't good enough at all.


    Again, really enjoyed this bookI want to hear more about Roddy & Kate !!!I am taken with this couple, I feel I need to know more about them x


    Very cute follow-up to the first ("Sealed with a Kiss). And a quick read.

    Emma Crowley

    Sealed with a Christmas Kiss is a short festive novella by Rachel Lucas. This is the first time I have ever read anything by this author and I was pleasantly surprised despite one or two minor reservations. I didn’t realise this was a follow up to Sealed with a Kiss until I was halfway through reading and had become involved in the lives of the islanders. Normally this wouldn’t matter as you should be able to read novellas as stand-alone books but in this case despite plenty of background in [...]


    Oh, I so loved "Sealed with a Kiss", so when I heard that there is going to be a short sequel to this, I couldn't wait and pre - ordered it immediately. I missed Kate and Roddy, and the island, and was so curious to see what they all are up to. I've read immediately after it landed on my Kindle but, as you can see, it took me some time to eventually write a reviewThis time Roddy is finding it hard to financially manage the estate , but soon Kate's friend from London steps in: she runs a wedding [...]


    Aww what a beautiful, romantic story to get you in the mood for Christmas. I haven't read Sealed with a Kiss but I loved meeting Kate and Roddy. It didnt matter that I hadn't read the first book as this was really enjoyable, and a couple so clearly in love it was gorgeous. It appears that Kate and Roddy became a couple a while earlier after she escaped to work in the castle which is on an island in Scotland. Kate has been looking for ways to use the home to generate income and has decided that i [...]


    Actual review rating: 2.5 starsSealed with a Christmas Kiss is the story of Kate, a woman who moved to a Scotish Island abruptly and becomes Roddy's (a Lord of a manor house) girlfriend. Kate is pressured by the couple's finance worries and Sian (The founder of tietheknot ) to make their home a destination for weddings to take place. Thing's don't quite go to plan when the first couple arrive to get married and it's a mad dash to find another pair to tie the knot in their place so that advertisi [...]


    Kate, a young English girl, has finally made a remote Scottish Island her home. She has her job of looking after the estate and Duntervie House, which happens to be the home of her boyfriend Roddy, or Laird Roderick. Katie has just managed to convince a rather reluctant Roddy that they need to let Duntervie be used as a venue for weddings to boost their revenue to help in the upkeep of the mansion. Her friend from university, Sian, had tied up her new venture, a wedding website, with them to hel [...]


    Kate has taken to life on the remote Scottish island of Auchenmor like a seal to water: she's given a new lease of life to the Laird's estate in her day job; she's befriended the once-nosy locals; and even young Laird Roddy is not quite so grumpy these days. Better still, Kate has just had her best idea yet: they'll turn the castle into the most gorgeous wedding venue in Scotland. The pressure's on as the first wedding is booked in for Christmas Eve - just weeks away. But with a mismatched bride [...]

    Verity W

    *****Copy from NetGalley in return for an honest review****I read Sealed with A Kiss in it's original ebook form 18 months ago before it got picked up by Pan and was pleased to have the chance to catch up with the characters in this Christmas-themed novella. It ticked a lot of boxes for me - which I can't really go into because it would give some spoilers! But I will say that for Roddy and Kate fans this should be a real Christmas treat.This is the right end of Christmas novellas - a charming en [...]


    This is the follow on to Sealed With A Kiss, where Kate and Roddy are planning their new venture for the estate to be a wedding venue, supported by a new on-line wedding company who take them by surprise saying they need to use the castle in few weeks for a competition photo shoot/real wedding as they'd been let down by another venue. Things start to unravel quickly when the bride and groom to be come to inspect the venue which result in some surprising revelations.I really enjoyed this little b [...]

    Stephen Walton

    When I got this book I wasn't sure how Rachel could continue the story line after Sealed with a kiss but she has and it's a terrific " happy ever after" tale. With no pretensions of being anything else this is a beautifully told tale. One thing I love about these two books is the way she uses bits of slang terms to emphasise her meanings like " down the aisle with that tosser" and "or I'm toast". Wonderful . Well done Rachel your worth the 5*s given. A MUST READ to conclude this story.


    Lovely addition to the first book. Worth while reading, nice to catch up on Roddy and Kate. Didn't feel like a short story as plenty of content, beginning,middle and end. Hopefully not the last we have seen of this charming little island.


    Rachael; you nailed it. You've made me properly look forward to Christmas for the first time in years. And want to get married again, which will be harder, since I already am. A lovely feel good follow up with really tight, easy to read writing and great characters. Loved it.


    A cute Christmas novella follow-up to Sealed With A Kiss that leaves you wanting more from the island of Auchenmor. Thankfully the author has a three-book deal to write more about the island (but not focusing on Kate and Roddy) and so once again I get to escape to the wilds of Scotland.


    A beautiful way to catch up with Roddy & Kate! Weddings are going to be the new lease of life for the Castle, but it's also Kate's new home!Will everything fall into place for the first wedding or will it fall apart?


    This was an enjoyable novella. I found it easy to read, and the characters quick to like. Well written, and would recommend to others.


    really enjoyed this book. nothing slushy just what i needed


    A lovely follow up to the first book. I loved catching up with the characters and seeing what happened next. A great Christmassy read.

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