Mar 29, 2020
El pacto
Posted by Catherine Bybee Laura Rins Calahorra

CARTER BILLINGS Con su pelo rubio ceniza y su atractivo de estrella de Hollywood, Carter podr a tener a la mujer que quisiera Cuando empieza la campa a para convertirse en gobernador de California, sabe que deber a sentar cabeza y formar una familia Por eso le propone a la casamentera profesional Eliza Havens que se case con l por conveniencia, aunque por alguna razCARTER BILLINGS Con su pelo rubio ceniza y su atractivo de estrella de Hollywood, Carter podr a tener a la mujer que quisiera Cuando empieza la campa a para convertirse en gobernador de California, sabe que deber a sentar cabeza y formar una familia Por eso le propone a la casamentera profesional Eliza Havens que se case con l por conveniencia, aunque por alguna raz n Eliza se ha negado en redondo.ELIZA HAVENS Eliza est feliz de que su amiga Sam haya encontrado a un marido tan rico y adorable como Blake Harrison Adem s, el mejor amigo de Blake, el sexy y elegante Carter Billings, la vuelve loca Nunca se hab a peleado tanto con un hombre pero tampoco hab a conocido a ninguno que le alterara el ritmo card aco de esa manera Eliza se gana la vida emparejando a personas solitarias, sin embargo, un oscuro secreto de su pasado hace que descarte absolutamente casarse O al menos as hab a sido hasta ahora.

  • Title: El pacto
  • Author: Catherine Bybee Laura Rins Calahorra
  • ISBN: 9788490327852
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • El pacto CARTER BILLINGS Con su pelo rubio ceniza y su atractivo de estrella de Hollywood Carter podr a tener a la mujer que quisiera Cuando empieza la campa a para convertirse en gobernador de California sa


    Depois de dois anos após a publicação do primeiro, eu já nem acreditava que sairia o segundo em português. Esta é daquelas séries que se consegue ler bem independentemente embora haja personagens que apareçam em vários livros. Mais uma vez é um livro bem fininho e com um preço demasiado alto para o seu tamanho. Gostei muito mais deste segundo livro do que do primeiro. Gostei mais da premissa, que foi mais credível que a do primeiro livro e gostei mais destas personagens e deste casal [...]

    Lisa Kay

    [image error]★★★★☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Tanya Eby does another nice job here; I liked her female voice for Eliza and her English accent for Blake’s sister, Gwen*. I could also tell when a character was thinking something and not saying it aloud. I’m not crazy over her male voices, even though she can handle them within her alto range. But, then, most female readers can’t satisfy me on that front. The “bickering” between the hero and heroine was kept to a minim [...]


    I have been waiting for this book release since reading Wife by Wednesday. I have been cheering Catherine on via Twitter and following her writing process has been amazing. So excited this was released a few days early. This book is such a quick exciting read, I was able to finish it before the official release date. Catherine did not disappoint with her blend of love, intrigue and mystery. I found myself holding my breath waiting just like the characters for the next surprise whether it be sex, [...]

    Autumn Review

    As most of you know by now, I am a wholehearted romantic. I had the first book in this series, but hadn't had an opportunity to read it. Then this tour came along and gave me my chance. So, I read the first book and enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to seeing what book 2 had in store for me. I really liked this book. It had all the romance and more. One of things I liked the most about this book was Eliza's unexpected background. I would have never guessed that her back story was so interesti [...]


    OMG!! This was magical . I cried, I laughed and I tremendously enjoyed every inch of this novel . finally a hero that truly did not mess up . was better than the first book even though that was pretty good too IMO . Looooove this author, cant wait for more exciting things to come and I will be definitely be looking out for the rest of this series So EXXCITED :))


    La storia a di Eliza e Carter è molto carina e si tinge leggermente di giallo, il che sprona il lettore a leggere le maggiori pagine possibili per scoprire come andrà a finire la storia. Anche questo libro si rivela essere molto dolce, sexy in alcuni punti ma senza mai risultare volgare. La storia è semplice, carina delicata e soprattutto è una ventata di freschezza e di allegria. Adesso vado a recuperare il terzo volume… sono troppo curiosa!

    Mimi of the Bibliobibuli

    Don't get me wrong; I loved the first book and I absolutely adore the "fake-relationship" trope! I was just unable to get into this one, and I feel like the connection that was present between Sam and Blake is not apparent between Carter and Eliza. Maybe I'll try the other books in the series :)

    ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎

    Rated 3.5


    Ok, 4.5 but so close it doesn't really countCatherine Bybee books are the reason normal, work-a-day people love to read. They will always deliver a great story, a sizzling fun romance and a way to escape the dolldrums of the moment and fall in love all over again!In this, the second in a series, we get to know the fiesty partner in the marriage making business, Eliza, along with her nemesis/crush, Carter Billings. The sparks are combustible each and every time they hit the page together but Eliz [...]


    This was a great second installment in this series. This was a bit darker than the first, Eliza’s background was scary and real. The marriage set up was more emotional than the first too. These two people had an instant connection which seems to set the tone of these books, but was not acted upon until years later. They had about two years of history between them. An attraction that they fought in not so nice of a way. They argued. This made me nervous at first, I was not interested in reading [...]

    Lisa Jayne

    I was pleasantly surprised by this read. A lovely paced not quite as sweet as anticipated Romance with the perfect amount of drama.I enjoyed the first of this series and followed suit with the second.Coupled with a strong heroine and delightful hero, this book had more than enough steam action and love to keep me fully entertained.3 stars

    Michelle [Helen Geek]

    Notified today I won a First Reads copy!! *HAPPY DANCING*

    Sheila Majczan

    I have read all but one of this series and enjoyed them all. One thing I will say about this author is that she does know how to write sexual attraction, magnetism, chemistry, - whatever you want to call it! She does touch on “bedroom” scenes but does not go into the graphic details. There is just enough to make me drool.As Eliza Havens works for Alliance (the common ingredient in this series) she has met the friends and family of the owners, Samantha and Blake, a Duke and Duchess, who fell [...]


    El jueves hice relectura del primero, y quería saber la historia de sus mejores amigos. Arrancó diciendo que acá también me encontré con los típicos clichés, pero los obvié al punto que ya me estoy resignando. Es lo que hay, y siempre van a hacer uso de ellos. Historia que por momentos me resultó entretenida, con buen ritmo y de rápida lectura. Los personajes te enganchan, al menos a mí ya me habían atrapado en El Contrato. La protagonista tiene lo suyo; es decir, carácter. Un pasad [...]


    Partiamo dal titolo: Sposata di lunedì. Considerato che si sposano di SABATO, mi sono chiesta: che c’entra il lunedì? O.oSemplice il titolo originale è Married by Monday che non vuol dire Sposata DI lunedì (Married ON Monday), ma Sposata DA/ENTRO lunedì e poiché nel libro è espressamente detto “Entro lunedì saremo sposati (in originale: We can be married by Monday)” il titolo giusto e con un senso logico inerente alla storia è: SPOSATI ENTRO LUNEDÌ >_< Ma perché??? :(Fatta [...]


    This book evolved in a different direction from the first in the series. Less classical harlequin tropes, with more hints of romantic suspense and subsequent rush of emotions for lead characters.Both main characters were warm and touching. I personally would have liked to have more insights into Carter's life before, especially regarding his love life which I had trouble contemplating. I really liked the way we could discover the mystery surrounding Eliza's past. I liked how she leveraged on Gwe [...]

    Laura V.

    Carter y Eliza son los mejores amigos de Sam y Blake del libro anterior y desde que se conocieron han estado "tocándose las narices" como quien dice. Tanta pulla, tanto coqueteo "ocultaría" una atracción en ciernes que de momento se pone cada vez más difícil de resistir.Cuando Carter le pide a Eliza que se case con él por su imagen, ella dice que no. Pero cuando las circunstancias son otras y hay varias cosas dando vuelta Eliza se lo piensa.Es entretenido, pensé que no me iba a gustar por [...]


    Eliza has a dangerous secret, but it doesn't stop her from helping out Carter Billings. She might fight with him every time she gets around him, but he is still a friend. Carter was quick to offer marriage when he finds out her appearance at a press conference for him threatened her security. Suddenly, Eliza and Carter are spending a lot of time with each other and they are not fighting. :D I loved this book! I knew when I started it I wouldn't be able to put it down. I couldn't wait though and [...]


    Married By Monday es el segundo de los siete que forman la serie The Weekday Brides de la autora Catherine Bybee.Despues de haber leido el libro anterior y quedarme muy sorprendida, ya que no esperaba que la historia fuera tan buena ni que me atrapara tanto, tenia muchisimas ganas de leer esta segunda parte pero Married By Monday no fue para nada lo que esperaba ni tampoco estuvo a la altura de la historia de Blake y Samantha.La lectura se me hizo pesada y nada atrapante, por eso mismo tarde tan [...]

    Raquel Bernardes

    Depois de ter lido o Casado Até Terça, e passado dois anos é que vemos publicado este livro em Português, dizemos milagre. Achei o inicio um pouco entediante, a personagem de Eliza para mim não me convence, ora faz-se de difícil e a seguir já é fácil até demais. Achei que a ação decorreu rápido demais. aviciadadoslivros/

    Dolce Amore

    Reviewed for Booked UpTo See Review at Booked Up Getting married every single year was becoming a pain in the ass. Especially for the maid of honor. Being the maid-of-honor to the third wedding of Eliza Haven's best friend Samantha is what starts everything. Well, that and a fight outside a bar to protect Gwen, Sam’s sister-in-law; because the fight puts in jeopardy Carter Billings’ chances of being elected the next Governor of California. So Carter asks Eliza to marry him. Getting married f [...]

    Julie Prestsater

    Can I just say Married by Monday was "smartphone" amazing too? Haha. I read every word of Wife by Wednesday on my cell phone in one sitting. My eyes didn't go crazy. I didn't get sleepy. I was just completely enthralled and couldn't stop. When I started reading Married by Monday in the late evening, I knew I was in for an all nighter. As if I was going to be able to go to sleep and finish it in the morning. Somewhere around 3am, my netbook decided to update and restart, my Nook was downstairs, s [...]


    I really liked that this book didn’t deal with the whole marriage contract thing as the first book did which helped keep it from being a complete déjà vu of the first book although the marriage still wasn't for love at least not that either would admit but it was a really interesting story… where so many romance novels (that I admit to still enjoy) rely on a ridiculous story lines and curtains rustling in the night this one actually had a decent plot it wasn’t absurd or really all that u [...]

    Fiona Druce

    I started this book without even realizing that I had read (and quite liked) its predecessor, Wife by Wednesday. When I made the realization, I hoped it would be as good.It was.In fact, it was better.Ms. Bybee writes authentic situations and expresses the good and the bad in such an equal way; making no excuses and leaving us to care for her characters because of their strengths, not because of drama stirred up by their weaknesses. Furthermore, the relationship is entirely believable and there a [...]


    I can't say enough about this author and her writing. I was fortunate in winning a copy through the First Reads program on and I am a forever fan of Ms. Bybee. This is the first book i have won through this program so even though i marked it as just receiving it on the giveaway page I actually received it a couple weeks ago and wasn't aware I had to mark it as received. Now on to my review. I did purchase the first book in the series because I like to read series in order and wanted to make sur [...]

    Caroline Yamashita

    Adoro livros com a temática: Casamento de conveniência!Há muito tempo li o primeiro da série e não estava lembrada de todos os personagens, mas eles aparecem bastante nesse livro, por que são os melhores amigos do casal.Estou falando de Carter e Eliza!Eles brigam muito! Não podem se ver que já começa a se insultarem, mas o que ninguém imagina que os dois, em segredo, se querem demais! Todas essas brigas é claro que é uma paixão reprimida!Eles decidem se casar por dois motivos: Prime [...]


    I was eagerly anticipating this story after loving Bybee's first Weekday Brides book, Wife by Wednesday, and I was not disappointed! What a wonderful story about family, friendship and the choices one has to make even though they may be some of the most difficult and scary that you'll face in life. Sometimes trusting and taking the biggest leaps are the ones that end up changing your life for the better.The story is filled with romance and suspense as the main characters, Carter and Eliza, embar [...]


    It's listed under contemporary romance, but it reads like a romance suspense. This book is such a great read~ I had a hard time putting it down until I saw the ending. (And it was not what I expected, it was sweeter.)We had a sneak peek of Carter and Eliza in the previous book, but not enough to expose their fiery attraction.This book takes place two years after Blake and Sam first married. They have known each other for a while now and haven't been able to stop arguing with each other whenever [...]

    Sabrina (Soter) Sally

    "Qualcosa sbocciò dentro di lui. Eliza stava per diventare la signora Billings. E invece di preoccuparsi del fatto che qualcosa sarebbe potuto andare storto, davanti a sé immaginava solo giorni felici e un lieto fine. Eliza ricambiò il suo sorriso e lui suggellò l’accordo con un bacio."Questa serie diventa sempre più divertente e romantica, e in questo secondo capitolo l'autrice ha dato un tocco in più alla storia, regalandoci una trama di base simile al primo (anche se prima di convince [...]

    Steph's Rom Book Talk

    Really loving this series!!! Nothing about the arranged marriage concept is cookie cutter and so far all of the stories are different but connected. Carter and Eliza work great together, the sexual tension jumps off the page, and they just work so well together. Loved the appearance of the secondary characters for the series and really felt the flow. This specific video review: youtu/PhVLQ62ClsU For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Stephanie Uncensoredyoutube/c/stephanieun

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