Mar 29, 2020
Guy Martin: My Autobiography
Posted by Guy Martin

This is the story of life at the centre of the world s most dangerous sport, by its brightest and biggest star Guy Martin, international road racing legend, maverick star of the Isle of Man TT, truck mechanic and TV presenter, lives on the edge, addicted to speed, thoroughly exhilarated by danger In this book we ll get inside his head as he stares death in theThis is the story of life at the centre of the world s most dangerous sport, by its brightest and biggest star Guy Martin, international road racing legend, maverick star of the Isle of Man TT, truck mechanic and TV presenter, lives on the edge, addicted to speed, thoroughly exhilarated by danger In this book we ll get inside his head as he stares death in the face, and risks his life in search of the next high, even as he agonises over the loss of close friends in horrific accidents We ll discover what it feels like to survive a 170mph fireball at the TT in 2010, and comeback to do it all again He ll sweep us up in a gritty sort of glory as he slogs it out for a place on the podium, but we ll also see him struggle with the flipside of fame We ll meet his friends and foes, his family, his teammates and bosses and we ll discover what motivates him, and where his strengths and weaknesses lie For the first time, here is the full story in Guy s own words From the boy who learned to prep bikes with his dad, to the spirited team mechanic, paying his way by collecting glasses, to the young racer at the start of his first race and the buzz he s been chasing ever since This thrilling autobiography is an intense and dramatic ride.

  • Title: Guy Martin: My Autobiography
  • Author: Guy Martin
  • ISBN: 9780753555026
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Guy Martin My Autobiography This is the story of life at the centre of the world s most dangerous sport by its brightest and biggest star Guy Martin international road racing legend maverick star of the Isle of Man TT truck


    I have watched Guy Martin road race and I have watched him in Speed, and I always thought he was, in his words, a rum bloke. A geeza. Having read his novel, I think he's a bit of an idiot, in all honesty. Too much 'it was all their fault, I'm misunderstood' and 'take me the way I am, or not at all' for me - he just came across as stubborn and far too inflexible for his own good.The bits I enjoyed were the insights into road racing and what it involves to get out there. The crashes and the camera [...]


    Guy Martin is a household name in UK and Ireland, possibly even further afield but I could’t really honestly say. He is a motorbike racer and being the main man in some pretty interesting TV shows earned him an even wider audience. Add to that his totally refreshingly different character (he has Asperger’s Syndrome as it turns out) and you have something that you simply cannot turn away from.Why such a book? My husband is a biker and naturally I started watching MotoGP and Isle of Man TT wit [...]

    Jo (A rather Bookish Geek)

    I think Guy Martin is rather like Marmite. you either love him, or you hate him. Luckily, he is the type of person I'd invite round for tea and biscuits!This autobiography is a personal account into Guy's life in motorsports, and how he was first introduced to it. I am a big fan of his TV shows, and I enjoy watching him attempt to break speed world records.Guy Martin has always came across as very down-to-earth, but at the same time, a rather stubborn individual. But, aren't we all!He has made t [...]

    Martin Woodhead

    A good read and a great insight into the way the brain ticks of this 200mph road racer.

    Joel Kinghan

    A lot of people seem to have read this book with the vain hope that they would wind up liking Guy Martin at the end of it. What is that old saying about never meet your idols? Problem is Guy has never been shy about his distaste for the paddock meet and greets and autograph hunters and has received a bit of flack for that in the press. But he explains his various issues in the chapter "That Fella Off The Telly" in a very forthright manner. And as he rightly points out "I could sign stuff at the [...]


    If you don't have a soft spot for a man like Guy Martin then you aren't welcome in my house. Yes, he's clearly a little bit arrogant. Yes, he's probably a total pain in the backside if you're actually mates with him. Yes he seems to sweat my-way-or-the-highway from every pore. However, he's just so adorably and unapologetically northern. For that Guy, we love you.Guy takes us through his life from being a young boy messing with motors to his current dealings with the TV devils. I know very littl [...]

    Fraser Cook

    Enjoyable read. Guy does things his own way. I enjoyed the insight into motorbike racing as its a subject I know very little about ( motor bikes have brake 'pedals'! And what all the different race classes are). I enjoy Guy Martin's tv shows and his ability to crack on and get things done. His 'have a brew' ' proper graft' style isn't fake for the cameras. He is what he is, sometimes his own worst enemy, but feet firmly and intentionally planted on the ground.


    HmmmGuy comes across on tv as a nice bloke. Having read this, I'm no longer convinced of that - sorry Guy!

    Zane Grimshaw

    First of all if you are not a fan of motorbikes, motorbike racing and/or Guy Martin then I would probably advise to give this book a miss, if you are interested in any of the above then this might be quite an interesting read. This is his story up until 2014, It is predominantly about his racing career and love of motorbikes, with little in the way of personal stuff like his relationships, also his TV career is mentioned but isn't the focal point of the biographyThis is the biography of a real r [...]


    Honest, insightful, informative. My dad recommended this book and I can see why. I have to admit, a lot of the motorbike jargon went over my head slightly. Martin starts off my describing some of the different types of racing in some detail but as the book goes on he makes some leaps in which he doesn't really explain some of the terminology as well as I would have liked! His upbringing was no-nonsense and he is a man of principle. I love that he still spends the majority of his life fixing truc [...]

    Paul O'Neill

    Guy Martin has done a 'proper job' as he would say in writing his biography. It is well written and entertaining and there is not only a photo album but a comprehensive index. It charts the main events of his life up to the time of writing - in his mid thirties more generally and not simply restricted to his motorcycle road racing or TV career. You get a very good insight into what makes him tick; his reactions to what life has to throw at him and considerable insight into his unique personal hi [...]


    I'm not a massive reader of autobiographies but find Guy Martin a really interesting character after watcher TT and Speed. To be honest this book was more technical when it comes to fixing up bikes and engines than I naively thought it would be which dampened some of the joy down for me. But It was a good insight into Guys character and the reason he made many of his career discussions. I would recommend this all fans but warn people about the technical depth. The man has no fear and works crazy [...]

    Ser ArthurDayne

    This first autobiography from Guy Martin has everything from him been the recipient of a handjob in a Thai brothel to his racing prowess. I enjoy Martins books, much of his references to the latest GMX5632 motorbike goes over my head, but I find his life and adventures entertaining and like his outlook on life

    Drew Manning

    A very interesting guy and a good book full of stories.

    Sarah Bird



    An interesting book about a complex character. As always though with today's autobiographies, you feel the it should have been 30 years later.

    Daniel Hollingworth

    There's only room for one person in Guy's life that's for sure! Decent read and insight into his world though. He's a bit crazy and is probably the reason he is well liked.


    Bit flat, didn't engage me and I didn't finish it.

    Chris Allum

    Having read his second book first, this didn't disappoint. Written in his usual open and honest style I found it funny in places and an interesting insight in to his life.


    Nice Guy! I agree with another review where they said that this reads like you are chatting in a pub, which I enjoyed. I like his take-it-or-leave-it attitude, and found his story really interesting. I think the splurge on the back of the book is completely incorrect: he didn't "agonise" about anything! The most enjoyable parts for me were those where Guy is talking about what he is passionate about - which isn't just racing motorcycles. It felt like some bits were included because they would be [...]


    Interesting to find out more about his life and what makes him tick. What a character.

    andrew marnoch

    Great readI couldn't put the book down, the man will always be a legend in my eyes. Time for a brew !


    Loved the book but like I've seen others write he starts on one subject and waffles off on to something else lol but I think this is just him. He has lots to share and has achieved some pretty amazing things. Personally I like his scatter brain characteristic as I'm like that too A good read but I also found the chapters a little too long

    Toby White

    Great book! If you're a fan of Guy Martin this is a definite must read. "It doesn't matter if it's fixing lorries or shovelling shit - if you're not shy of work, you'll never be short of work."


    Loved it! Knew him a little from the TT but really know him through the great tv shows he did. was really interesting to read about his life in races and how he got into tv.

    Michael Conland

    My dear old daddy recommended me this. I'd seen a bit of The Boat That Guy Built and had no idea he'd raced motorbikes at a pro level, so I thought I'd give it a go, for Daddy's sake.This was potentially a mistake. If you're a big fan of Guy, then I'm sure this is a very enjoyable read. He likes to fixate on strange little details (which I quite like, actually) and talks all about his various trials and tribulations.However, he talks very little about his relationships with people. The women in [...]

    Samuel Tyler

    Reading a book about an enigmatic person can be a dangerous beast; will they be as interesting about themselves as they are on TV etc.? In the case of Guy Martin, the answer is no. This is an autobiography of the motorbike racer, but also increasingly, TV star. His first love is the motorbike and if you come into the book with a passion for this yourself, you may well just be in clover. The book talks a lot about bikes, in detail; boring, boring detail. Murray Walker’s autobiography did the sa [...]


    The first thing I'll say about this book, and it's blindingly obvious at the start, but less so as you go on, is that it's clearly ghost written. It doesn't 'feel' as though Guy as written every word and that's probably not surprising, but I like to feel like the person who's book it is has written it.Secondly, Virgin Books should be utterly ashamed of themselves with the quality of the publication of this. The editing and proof reading are obviously non existant. There are spelling errors on ev [...]


    Firstly I like Guy Martin. He is a down to earth interesting bloke who does some normal things, he has a proper day job, yet the other side of his life thrusts him into the limelight as a worldclass motorcycle racer and a TV presenter.I like this book because in it you really get the voice of Guy. He's not trying to sugar coat anything. He is who he is. An extraordinary motorbike racer who prefers dangerous street circuits to the safety of tracks. And yet for all his success he never took the st [...]

    Sophia Loves to read

    Finished this book and can't wait to read the next.The book is everything I thought it would be plus guy Martin filled in the gaps and what we wouldn't know from the tv.This book made me laugh and also it was all very honest .Great read .

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